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For a limited time, the ViMarket Pioneer Package includes virtually everything needed to launch your virtual reality start-up, it comes with over $13,500 worth of resources and products, including:

Flightdeck Reference Tablet [$1,000]

Mophus gaming tablet [$2,000]

12 VR Gear Headsets [$6,000]

VIID and cloud tools for building your distributor network [$250]

Access to our SDK [$750]

Aviator prototype [$3,000]

Developer Certificate for publishing content into our bundles [$500]

Your Total Cost: $5995.00

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By 2018 the Virtual Reality market is expected to be worth $7 Billion


This business opportunity involves risk, and no promise of individual success is guaranteed. As with any business opportunity, your income may vary. For more complete information on this business opportunity, please contact Freevi, Inc.